Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Week 5 - Day 34

Its about time.......snow that you can measure...........

Its so peaceful and quiet this evening, its when I truly love the snow.
Tomorrow will hopefully be a perfect snow day off from school for The Red Ranger and it will be full of laughter, screams, wet gloves and clothes, hot chocolate, snowballs, snow angels, more hot chocolate and if we are really lucky a snowman followed by more hot chocolate!!

Poor little guy could barely contain himself and getting him to sleep was almost impossible.
I understand though....because mommy herself can't get to sleep.....I just love watching the snow fall.
Its finally WINTER!!!


  1. I just love fresh snow - especially at night - it always seems so quiet! I am happy for you and hope that you and Jarrod have a great time playing in it.

    You will see on my blog I was very happy that we dodged the snow last night.
    I have been wanting a snow day but not last night as I finish errands before my trip tomorrow.