Friday, January 30, 2009

THIS doesn't happen everyday.....

Week 4 - Day 30
The guys putting away the groceries!
Course notice we took care of the important stuff The Entenmann's Donuts!!!

I also found a great deal through Walgreen's in my email today for special valentine printing. 50 pictures for $5 so I uploaded a bunch of my Project 365 pics and also some others from Christmas that I didn't print up yet.
If you want to do it the deadline is January 31st and you have to use the coupon code JAN50.

I also want to thank everyone who left a comment, we are doing much better (knock on wood!). I try to leave as many comments as I can but I'm not a member of some of your blog hosting sites so unless I'm missing something I don't think I can post. All the comments are very much appreciated and I love having a look at your pictures and ideas. This whole project is so much fun!!
Thanks for sharing our journey and for sharing yours with us!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

catching up YIKES!

WOW.....Its been awhile!
With having a sick child and life its just been busy....I did remember to take my pics though!!
Here we go folks!!

Today's Picture - Thursday
Week 4 - Day 29

It took place just after midnight so it counts lol!
Went out to feed the feral/stray cats outside and found this darling instead. Poor thing looked confused and very cold. He spent the night under the patio chairs since there was shelter there.
With all of the wildlife rescues I've done even I didn't realize that opossums don't hibernate, I had to quickly check the internet to make sure he wasn't in danger. I've always had them along with the raccoons on the back patio in warm weather but never (that I've seen) in the winter.
Poor baby......

Week 4 - Day 28

The Red Ranger's first OFFICIAL SNOW DAY!!!!
Kind of a clunker considering he couldn't play in it because it was just slushy and disgusting.
We decided to have Movie Day!
Since he was born in Australia I never dreamt when he was little that he would ever have a snow day, something that had been such a huge part of my life, but things happen and we are back in the states and he is experiencing all that I did as a child. In fact the past few days have held a lot of firsts for him and moments to treasure so its the perfect year to do this project!

As you can see the movie of choice was Who Framed Roger Rabbit.....funny sidebit to this. I spoke to a friend on the phone and her son had just gotten done watching the same movie and had moved onto Kung Fu Panda! Methinks there was an awful lot of movie days happening on Snow Day!

Week 4 - Day 27

This was a drawing that The Red Ranger did for school before christmas, it was right after we started to decorate inside. When we got it back from school it spent the holiday's on the front of our fridge.
Today we changed the drawings on the fridge so down came this one.
The story is so sweet on this because it was all about christmas traditions with your family. The lights were alternating rows of red, green and white around the archway between our living room and dining room. He used an artist's eye, looking back forth with each row he drew, to show the doorway, his lights and his family.....including his cats Rory and Chicklet (Rory has the long tail, Chicklet the little nubby one) he even got the swags on the top.
He told me how much his teacher loved this picture so its a keeper all the way around, have to scrapbook it and have a copy for his book as well. He's so proud of it!!

Week 4 - Day 26

The Red Ranger came home from school today with a pile of classroom artwork, seems it was time to change what was displayed in his class and also what we had on our fridge!
We took down one very important paper (see story above) and replaced it with this one.
He is so excited and proud of this one......

In case you can't tell.......its a butterfly with long legs in the back, a brown leaf for its body and little tiny antennae at the top of the page.
I also love that this picture shows some of the magnets on our fridge. The star is something The Red Ranger painted at the pottery place we go too. There's his magnet school bus from school with info on it, the top part of the Shrek frame and our Planter Peanut Guy for our Jericho addiction.

Week 4 - Day 25

Well for us its Sunday, in Australia it was Monday and it was Australia Day.
The 2nd cadet from the left (the one that looks like he's all by himself lol) is my step-son (I divorced his dad but the boys are still brothers and my step-son's mum is my sis now, we've been through so much!).
Its his first year as a cadet, he's learning how to sail!
I'm so proud of him and miss him so very much.......this picture helps though......

Week 3 - Day 24
An actual SCRAPBOOKing picture!
We held a crop at my house for the scrapbook group I have. We had TOO much fun, ordered Chinese food....never got as much done or anything in some cases LOL....that we wanted to get done. We had a blast though, as did The Red Ranger, who played two games of checkers with the lady on the right! Could you say 'no' to that face?
No one wanted to leave and we can't wait until February's! I think we'll get more done then.....I think.....

Week 3 - Day 23
The Red Ranger's first loose teeth and first big boy tooth!!!
OMG!!! How did this happen???
He's my baby!!
The tooth is actually just behind the front bottom right one and is pushing out the front bottom right and the left one too. THIS is just not right!!! My BABY!!!!

Week 3 - Day 22

Hillary Clinton's first day as Secretary of State.....greeted with cheers the headline read.
I like her a lot and think she'll do a fantastic job! It seems I'm not alone.....

Week 3 - Day 21
2008 Flash Back

I decided to look back to last year for this one. We were in Disney World this same week last year....wishing we were now too!
We had arrived the day before and spent the afternoon and evening (with extra magic hours) at The Magic Kingdom. It was freezing cold and no one but us northerners were braving the park, I think we saw about 25 people. Hehehe....had the place to ourselves!
The next day the 21st we hit Hollywood Studios and Our Red Ranger got to meet his heroes the Power Rangers!!!!!
Since he is The Red Ranger, this was unreal for him, I think he was mystified at first because they were standing right in front of him and high-5ing him, touching him and posing him for pictures.
That night straight from Hollywood Studios we went back to the Magic Kingdom for the special night of..........THE PIRATE AND PRINCESS PARTY!!
Super great, loved every minute of it, wasn't enough time to do everything they had going on in one night. We were celebrating three things on this trip - The Red Ranger's 5th birthday was at the end of February so it was a birthday trip for him, it was also his very first trip....two buttons as souvenirs. And finally, DH and I had just gotten married in December. We decided to fore go the 'honeymoon' just for us and do the big family trip together to Disney World.
Really great idea!!

Week 3 - Day 20

Barack Obama taking the Oath of Office.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sick child at home....

My son is sick so I'm playing catching up......

Week 4 - Day 19
Monday 2009

A snowy Martin Luther King day off for The Red Ranger from school, sadly he doesn't get to enjoy it because he's sick laying in mom and dad's bed, watching tv and playing his nintendo ds.
Poor little guy is so sick its actually the first time I've ever had to spoon the soup into his mouth.
He's running me ragged......
He has really looked forward to having some sort of fun in the tiny bit of snow we have gotten this year. Its just a real shame. Tomorrow I'm due to go into his school for the reading program and he may be too sick to go, we may end up heading for the doctor instead. The good thing is he doesn't go in the morning so maybe I can find a replacement for the afternoon shift. UGH!!!
How many days until spring????!!

Week 3 - Day 18
Sunday 2009

Eagles vs. Cardinals in Arizona -
The Eagles lost so no Super Bowl trip but I love this flag shot from the TV.

Week 3 - Day 17
Saturday 2009

The boys just having a play with their tournament table, a Christmas present last year from me (2007). A few games of air hockey was right after a few games of ping pong.....

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday night moments of our lives....

Week 3 - Day 16

The boys having a wrestle and a tickle session at the beginning of a three day weekend for The Red Ranger. He couldn't be more happy, no school, no homework and Daddy's full attention.......

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sweet and Sneaky....

Week 3 - Day 15

You guys are just going to love this.......
Today's picture's were chosen by The Red Ranger and ahem...taken by him (okay this one he was directing)......this first one is 'the' picture of the day, but we had to share the other one with you as well.
Mommy here was very tired today and I dozed off on the couch, The Red Ranger was playing his Playstation. I woke up to find.............. son had covered me with his Superman sheet, his Spongebob blanket and was putting his Superman pillow under my head. Then he grabbed the camera to take the picture's of the seems all that TLC I give out has paid off!!
I think I'll keep him!!!!
Yeah....I'll keep him..............

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It was a kitty cat day.....

Week 3 - Day 14

This was the day of kitty cat just turned out that way.

I went over to my mom's and my two aunt's apartments to take them grocery shopping and all. I took my camera with me so that mom could see some pictures of The Red Ranger and she asked me to take pictures of her 3 cats afterwards. Then I come home get things settled down from being out all day and once I sit down at the computer our older cat Rory climbed onto my lap......what's amazing is that this cat does not cuddle or let me hold him. He did when he was a baby with his two siblings, they were all offspring of the feral cats that are in the neighborhood. He's over a year old now and does not get on our laps, so this picture is one of a kind.........I think.......
Now this could have something to do with the fact that Chicklet, another baby from outside joined our household this fall, she cuddles with me all the time....he's jealous maybe....
Just when you think you had the population outside taken care of we get more cats, we're hoping that Chicklet (named for the fact that her tail reminds you of a Chicklet, she's part Manx) and the 4 other babies we had this fall were the last of them. Its bad enough worrying about the feral ones on my back porch that I would love to make room for in our home, we just don't have the room for any more.
At least there's finally a picture of me! Now where's that airbrush thingy and the weight reducer button......hmmm.......and the 'man! I still look sick' eraser.....sheesh!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

THIS will NEVER happen again.....

Week 3 - Day 13

I had a totally different idea for today's picture but this was just too good. Yesterday I went into A C Moore.....the place that fill's most husbands with fear.....I went looking for the page protectors, which they had but they were a bit expensive, so I bought two 100 page albums which I'll either use for the project somehow or because they match the decor of my bedroom they'll be albums in there.

Today I looked at my receipt before I sign up for their rewards program and LOL.......had to take this picture of the albums and receipt.......I will never, ever, ever get out of a scrapbook store paying this much again........nope it will just never happen this one is for my husband, I can control my scrapbook spending so nanny-nanny-noo.......

I am truly having fun with this project and thankfully I am getting better. Today will be an easy day for me because tomorrow I have to work for a bit so no point in pushing the issue.
Enjoy this one my scrapbook friends, we know how rare this photo is going to be, this year or any other year!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Calgon take me away moments.....

Week 3 - Day 12

That got your attention didn't it!

Its not actually is CHOCOLATE ........
Dear hubby gave me this box of goodies for Christmas and I've taken only one or two pieces every now and then. Now that I'm starting to feel better, I'm enjoying them so much in peace and quiet....whether its when the guys have gone off to bed or when they are at work or school....these are just moments to put up my feet, close my eyes, enjoy the silence and melt into the chocolate.....

I dare you to click on the close up picture.....go know you want to......

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Husband, Eagles and favorite shirts....

Week 2 - Day 11

First off my son's favorite shirt at this time. Has your child ever just worn a shirt to death? The Red Ranger's favorite right now is this brown striped shirt, it may even look familiar to you from this blog! I didn't realize just how much he was wearing it or how much I've been washing it until I looked at the blog earlier today (which for some reason didn't take so now I have to do it again!). No problem though, the way he's been growing by his birthday at the end of February he will have outgrown it.....if it even takes that long!
For some reason with the start of him going to school he got into striped shirts, first the three short-sleeved ones (which he wears under long-sleeved ones now) and this is the only long-sleeved one he has right now. Looks like I have to go shopping AGAIN!

Today the Eagles played and won against the Giants, I couldn't think of a better picture for today then the boys watching the game!
And now last but always at the top of my list is my husband.
With me feeling so bad he is just amazing, I have the best hubby in the world.
Today he let me sleep in until noon, he had already done two loads of laundry, finished loading the dishwasher and ran it and was in the process of cleaning the bathroom, all while taking care of our son all on his day off. Now, some of you may feel that your hubby is the best and that's great but I know that mine is. It took a really bad marriage for me to know this and bitter divorces on both our parts for us to realize just how lucky we are to have found each other.
So a bonus picture for today is my hubby's pic.....with The Red Ranger sneaking in for the photo.

The 2nd time around truly was the charm!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Taking it easy today

Week 2 - Day 10

Today's pic was of my laptop and me in bed......shhhhh.....don't tell my husband! Since I'm supposed to be taking it easy and couldn't find a thing to watch on TV, I grabbed my laptop and I'm surfing through some of my fellow Project 365'ers pages. I can do this without using too much energy...laptop or mine...
It used to be Saturday's were our lazy day, The Red Ranger would watch TV in his room and play and I'd surf the net in bed, poor hubby is working as usual on a Saturday. I can't really tell you the last time I did this. It sure wasn't during the holiday's and I'm thinking it may have been our last vacation in July. We came home on Friday from the shore as everyone else was headed that way and slept in on Saturday.

So, today's picture is of my laptop with a bit of the bedroom behind it and two very bad cats fighting on the bed!

Its been fun looking at everyone's pages as we let others into our homes and lives. One thing is for sure my house is going to look a whole lot neater because I'm taking these pictures! That's okay, it was another one of my New year resolutions to get more organized...who knew?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Not feeling inspired today...

Well, I feel lousy today so even though I have tried to figure out my first week's LO, I'm afraid I haven't gotten that far. I've come to the conclusion that I'm just too sick to actually scrap, so I'm going to stop myself getting more frustrated by trying and tackle it over the weekend.
This however is today's picture playing around with the pictures, papers, mats, etc. What better picture for this project than working on putting it together! Well...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Week 2 - Day 9
I've almost come up with an idea for tabs under my pictures while reading the newspaper. I'm actually going to add daily news items to show what is happening locally or in the world each day. We've always used history like 'on the day you were born', so I thought actually scrapping the news into our daily lives would be something to keep. My tab will probably say something like 'news of the day' or 'headlines', I won't know til I get there but meanwhile I'm getting the newsclippings for each day now.
Meanwhile, I ordered dinner because my dear son actually asked for shrimp fried rice from our favorite chinese place so I decided to order it, along with a couple of other favorite dishes and just heat it up when we are ready for it. Somewhere in the picture above you will also see the chinese menu! For now I'm going to go lay on the couch and rest again. I sure hope everyone else is having a better day!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sometimes you look for one picture and get a different one...

Week 2 - Day 8
I started to take a picture of our son eating his favorite afterschool (or anytime snack!) striped chocolate cookies. I was trying to get a close up shot of him actually eating the cookies but then I took a couple of more shots...okay 6 in all!......and this one was just perfect, one of those precious moments that warm your heart. They happen all the time, everyday, sometimes more than once in a day but you never, ever seem to have that camera ready for the shot....thanks to Becky and this project I DID!!!
Its even more precious because he got extra cookies today because he ran to get in the house and took a spill. So with some skin off his hands , bruises and a couple of scratches on his knees he got extra mom care. Thankfully, he put his hands out because when he went down I thought for sure it was his face that hit full force on the concrete. I was scared to death.
And its with a smile now that I can say he is running and jumping all over the living room! This picture today could have been vastly different.
Thank You Becky!!!!
And a big Thanks to that whatever secret angel was there to cushion his fall. (that's typed with a couple of tears in my eyes, because this could have been so serious.)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Exciting Day for my son....

Week 2 - Day 7

Today my son came home excited because it was the first day the kindergarten kids went to the library to ...........'check out a book'!!!!! We've read it twice today! For those that would like to know his choice was "Clifford and the Big Storm". Doesn't he look proud of himself?

My son also made the comment of "why is the picture all brown?". I told him "well the curtains are brown, the rug is light brown and the tournament table is brown and you're wearing brown. So it's a brown sort of day!" Our living room is decorated to be a log cabin so that we always feel snug, warm and cozy.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pictures so far for this week - Week 2

Time to start adding more pictures:
So far for week 2 -

Day 6 -
I can't decide between these two as I made two dinners tonight so that I don't have to cook tomorrow, so I'll have to be creative when I scrap them!

First up, tomorrow's dinner.....Vegetable Stew with ground Turkey instead of beef.

Next we have what we had for dinner tonight.......Stroganoff, again made with ground turkey and not beef. YUMMY!!! DH said he would have PAID for this meal.

Day 5 -
My son after the first day back to school after the holidays. They must have been very busy!

Project 365 - Week 1 Photos

Okay, maybe this will be easier for showing my Project 365.
These are the pictures for the first week of 2009. I'm doing my book from January - December.
After I get done scrapping the page for these photos, I'll be sure to post another blog for them.
Day 1 - Jan. 1st
Day 2 - Jan. 2nd
Day 3 - Jan. 3rd
Day 4- Jan. 4th