Monday, May 25, 2009

Its been a long time and Walgreen's print special!

Hello all,
Its been a very long time with lots of stuff happening and I'm just getting back on track now.
Recently, my email account was broken into so I didn't even have access to my pages here on blogger! They also deleted me from my scrapbook groups, still trying to remember what groups I was a member of including the Project 365 one. they even got rid of my own scrapbook group so I've had to start up a new one and I barely have time for it.
Back in February I took my son out of the public school system so I've been homeschooling him, BIG adjustment for all of us and its taken up most of my time. My mother also became very ill recently so I've been spending the rest of my time tending and running around for her.
Right now I'm off to look over all of my Project 365 pics and to get them scrapped. I've got more to print up and Walgreen's is having their special again this week. It ends May 30th, 50 prints for $5 and all prints over the 50 are also .10 cents each. Code to enter at checkout is SUMMER5.

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  1. I am glad you are back. I have missed you. Take care