Friday, January 9, 2009

Not feeling inspired today...

Well, I feel lousy today so even though I have tried to figure out my first week's LO, I'm afraid I haven't gotten that far. I've come to the conclusion that I'm just too sick to actually scrap, so I'm going to stop myself getting more frustrated by trying and tackle it over the weekend.
This however is today's picture playing around with the pictures, papers, mats, etc. What better picture for this project than working on putting it together! Well...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Week 2 - Day 9
I've almost come up with an idea for tabs under my pictures while reading the newspaper. I'm actually going to add daily news items to show what is happening locally or in the world each day. We've always used history like 'on the day you were born', so I thought actually scrapping the news into our daily lives would be something to keep. My tab will probably say something like 'news of the day' or 'headlines', I won't know til I get there but meanwhile I'm getting the newsclippings for each day now.
Meanwhile, I ordered dinner because my dear son actually asked for shrimp fried rice from our favorite chinese place so I decided to order it, along with a couple of other favorite dishes and just heat it up when we are ready for it. Somewhere in the picture above you will also see the chinese menu! For now I'm going to go lay on the couch and rest again. I sure hope everyone else is having a better day!!

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