Friday, January 30, 2009

THIS doesn't happen everyday.....

Week 4 - Day 30
The guys putting away the groceries!
Course notice we took care of the important stuff The Entenmann's Donuts!!!

I also found a great deal through Walgreen's in my email today for special valentine printing. 50 pictures for $5 so I uploaded a bunch of my Project 365 pics and also some others from Christmas that I didn't print up yet.
If you want to do it the deadline is January 31st and you have to use the coupon code JAN50.

I also want to thank everyone who left a comment, we are doing much better (knock on wood!). I try to leave as many comments as I can but I'm not a member of some of your blog hosting sites so unless I'm missing something I don't think I can post. All the comments are very much appreciated and I love having a look at your pictures and ideas. This whole project is so much fun!!
Thanks for sharing our journey and for sharing yours with us!!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much for sharing the code for the photos.
    I love that the men of the house like to do the small stuff together!
    Take care