Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sometimes you look for one picture and get a different one...

Week 2 - Day 8
I started to take a picture of our son eating his favorite afterschool (or anytime snack!) striped chocolate cookies. I was trying to get a close up shot of him actually eating the cookies but then I took a couple of more shots...okay 6 in all!......and this one was just perfect, one of those precious moments that warm your heart. They happen all the time, everyday, sometimes more than once in a day but you never, ever seem to have that camera ready for the shot....thanks to Becky and this project I DID!!!
Its even more precious because he got extra cookies today because he ran to get in the house and took a spill. So with some skin off his hands , bruises and a couple of scratches on his knees he got extra mom care. Thankfully, he put his hands out because when he went down I thought for sure it was his face that hit full force on the concrete. I was scared to death.
And its with a smile now that I can say he is running and jumping all over the living room! This picture today could have been vastly different.
Thank You Becky!!!!
And a big Thanks to that whatever secret angel was there to cushion his fall. (that's typed with a couple of tears in my eyes, because this could have been so serious.)


  1. Glad your little guy is OK. Your heart skips a beat doesn't it.

  2. What a sweet smile, glad he was ok, I hate that moment of waiting!