Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It was a kitty cat day.....

Week 3 - Day 14

This was the day of kitty cat just turned out that way.

I went over to my mom's and my two aunt's apartments to take them grocery shopping and all. I took my camera with me so that mom could see some pictures of The Red Ranger and she asked me to take pictures of her 3 cats afterwards. Then I come home get things settled down from being out all day and once I sit down at the computer our older cat Rory climbed onto my lap......what's amazing is that this cat does not cuddle or let me hold him. He did when he was a baby with his two siblings, they were all offspring of the feral cats that are in the neighborhood. He's over a year old now and does not get on our laps, so this picture is one of a kind.........I think.......
Now this could have something to do with the fact that Chicklet, another baby from outside joined our household this fall, she cuddles with me all the time....he's jealous maybe....
Just when you think you had the population outside taken care of we get more cats, we're hoping that Chicklet (named for the fact that her tail reminds you of a Chicklet, she's part Manx) and the 4 other babies we had this fall were the last of them. Its bad enough worrying about the feral ones on my back porch that I would love to make room for in our home, we just don't have the room for any more.
At least there's finally a picture of me! Now where's that airbrush thingy and the weight reducer button......hmmm.......and the 'man! I still look sick' eraser.....sheesh!


  1. Glad you are on the opposite side of the camera.

  2. We are getting over-run with Feral Cats too! That's the problem living in the country when it gets cold. I trapped 2 in the fall and had them spayed/neutered and vaccinated with the help of a great organization called Our Companions ( I will be trapping 2 more next week to take them in. At last count there were 7 under our porch. I am hoping to get all the females spayed before they reproduce again!