Monday, January 19, 2009

Sick child at home....

My son is sick so I'm playing catching up......

Week 4 - Day 19
Monday 2009

A snowy Martin Luther King day off for The Red Ranger from school, sadly he doesn't get to enjoy it because he's sick laying in mom and dad's bed, watching tv and playing his nintendo ds.
Poor little guy is so sick its actually the first time I've ever had to spoon the soup into his mouth.
He's running me ragged......
He has really looked forward to having some sort of fun in the tiny bit of snow we have gotten this year. Its just a real shame. Tomorrow I'm due to go into his school for the reading program and he may be too sick to go, we may end up heading for the doctor instead. The good thing is he doesn't go in the morning so maybe I can find a replacement for the afternoon shift. UGH!!!
How many days until spring????!!

Week 3 - Day 18
Sunday 2009

Eagles vs. Cardinals in Arizona -
The Eagles lost so no Super Bowl trip but I love this flag shot from the TV.

Week 3 - Day 17
Saturday 2009

The boys just having a play with their tournament table, a Christmas present last year from me (2007). A few games of air hockey was right after a few games of ping pong.....

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  1. Hope your little guys is feeling better. Great pictures